Jul 27

Wildkraut, Beikraut, Unkraut - Antje Majewski

Urbane Farm Dessau
Törtener Str. 41, Dessau 06842 Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

Workshop wit Antje Majewski in the allotment of Urban Farm Dessau

Antje Majewski's tutorial " Weißer Gänsefuß", which can be seen in the exhibition "Dessau.(re)connecting.earth" at the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in Dessau until 4 August, focuses on the importance of wild plants in our environment. Are they a burden because they overgrow everything, are we annoyed by weeds on the side of the road or is there a beauty of the wild and unbridled that even helps the plant to get a new name, "a name that sounds like beauty and celebrates the plant". This is what we want to talk about in the workshop and find names and new images.

Participants are invited to present their favourite weed (or even the most cursed one) and to reflect together on its role as a wild weed, by-weed or weed. We want to portray the plants and give them a new name. Under the guidance of the artist, we will create a small handbook this afternoon that makes the old familiar visible in a new way.

Course of events

  • 3 pm Reflections on "Un-Kraut" by Antje Majewski and a joint discussion with the participants at the garden bed
  • 4 pm Collecting and portraying the plants
  • 5 pm Compilation of the plant portraits into a handbook

Antje Majewski deals with anthropological and philosophical questions through painting, video, texts and performances. Her recent work focuses on the interrogation of objects, territories and plants as well as on the exploration of alternative knowledge systems, storytelling and the possibility of transformative processes. She is particularly interested in cultural as well as geobotanical migration. Majewski often collaborates with other artists as well as ecological and urban groups. She has been a professor of painting at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel since 2011.

Exhibition "Dessau(re)connecting.earth" on the Internetsite of the Environment Federal Agency

Urban Farm Dessau

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Wildkraut, Beikraut, Unkraut - Antje Majewski with Antje Majewski. July 27, 2022
Antje Majewski, Weisser Gänsefuss, 2021 – Antje Majewski